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We thought the people who work with us are best qualified to talk about our impact …..

(Please Note: The initials of young people used below do not correspond to their names.)

‘They make sure we know we are in charge but are still there teaching and helping us learn more.’ S female, aged 14

‘Since starting Project Motorhouse I feel my confidence has grown so much . I have made lots of new friends that I may not have met if I had not gone to Project Motorhouse. Since being a part of the project it has made me realise that my career path is photography and media. This is not a career I had really thought of before.

My ability at taking photos has changed so much and that is thanks to the various different photographers I have worked with, who have showed me how to get the best from my camera. Jo, Janet and Tim have helped support me by boosting my confidence and setting up meetings, projects and exhibitions. I have entered the competitions and came 1st in one. This made me very proud of myself as I knew I had come a long way in taking photographs.

I feel if it was not for Project Motorhouse I would not have the interest in photography and be at East Kent College. So “Thankyou” Project Motorhouse for the opportunity you have given me and I look forward to future exhibitions and working with you again.’ R, Aged 18.

‘I have 3 different types of counselling but this is better. I make sure I am in school every Tuesday for the after-school photography club – even if I am ill, I am coming in.’ Z, non-binary, aged 15.

‘I have social anxiety and was really worried about joining a new group that I did not know anyone in. I met Jo beforehand and had a chat so it made it easier. A few months after I had a job interview and I was less worried as I had already been in a group where I did not know anyone so meeting just 2 people was achievable.’ F, female aged 16.

‘I made a good decision today. I never make good decisions because I always rush and am in a hurry. You made me slow down and think of the best photo to use. I think I will slow down from now on.’ A, female aged 14, in care.

“The school has been involved with a range of projects designed by ProjectMotorhouse, all of which have had a significant impact on our students. Those projects involving both photography and art in general have seen our students develop their confidence and photographic or artistic skills.

Without doubt the increased confidence and artistic development has meant students have followed artistic career paths which they would not have done otherwise.” Simon Pullen, Headmaster, Royal Harbour Academy

‘G nearly went into alternative provision this school year- it was her photography work [with PMH] that turned things around for her.’ Katie Green, Teacher, Art Dept, Royal Harbour Academy

‘We had a number of students who have used their coursework and photographs from the work you did with them to go on to college to study art/photography with two of our most outstanding students gaining places to study level 3 courses at the University College of Art in Canterbury – placements that are very difficult achieve – which will led on to degree courses in the University at a later date. One wants to go on and study design and the other architecture at degree level.’ Di Bourne, Academic Mentor, Royal Harbour Academy.

“It was a pleasure to partner with Project Motor House and we would be more than happy to work with the Trust again on any future projects with heritage outcomes. The exhibition was very well designed and executed, and the films and photography beautifully made.  The brochure is excellent and we loved the branding too!” Jan Leandro, Head of Learning & Participation, Canterbury Cathedral.