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Project MotorHouse is a small charity based in Ramsgate. This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect the information you give us.

We do not sell the information we hold about you to third parties.

The lawful basis for processing your data falls into one or more of the following categories – consent, legal obligation, legitimate interest.

What information do we collect about you?

If you have registered with us either via our website or at one of our events to receive our newsletter, the data we hold is your name and the email address which you gave us. Occasionally it will also include your home address and any willingness to volunteer. We use Mailchimp to send you the newsletters you requested, therefore, your name and email address are included on our Mailchimp mailing list. As is customary, the newsletters contain news about our events, our appeals and other items about the organisation and its activities. All our mailshots include the option to unsubscribe.

If you are a donor and you donated with us via the donate button on our website, your details will be held by Virgin Giving, which shares some of the information with us. You may also have donated via the Big Give or have registered with us through a social media network; in which case some of your information gets shared with us. We may also collect information when you voluntarily contact us by email, telephone or social media networks, complete customer surveys or volunteer with us. We cannot be responsible for the Big Give or Virgin Giving’s privacy statements and recommend that you read these if donating. We do not receive any bank or credit card details via Big Give or Virgin Giving.

We take payments for some events via services such as WeGotTickets, which in turn only notifies us of the name of the ticket holder and the number of tickets bought. We take payments via iZettle for goods and services at some fund-raising events. Printouts allow us to see who has paid what but it does not give us access to your bank or credit card details. To the best of our knowledge, the above-named companies are compliant with EU regulations.

In compliance with company and charity law (legal obligation), we hold data about our Trustees’ financial interests and personal details. Our computers are protected by a firewall.

As participants in our youth projects are all a minimum of 13 years of age, they are over the age of informed consent. On our projects, they often work towards a UK Youth Achievement or Arts Awards and are asked to complete questionnaires to determine their progress with the award/s. This is information in which Project MotorHouse, UK Youth, Trinity College and our funders have a legitimate interest.

Participants in our youth projects may also be asked to fill in questionnaires which allow us to reassure funders that we are delivering the relevant project, as stipulated. This is information in which both Project MotorHouse and our funders have a legitimate interest. Unless the participants are informed otherwise, the data from these questionnaires is always anonymised for sharing with funders and the hard copies are kept in our office. We do not hold any information about participants’ family or personal circumstances.

We do not hold information either digitally or in hard copy on anyone’s:

  • Political opinions
  • Religious and/or philosophical beliefs
  • Data on health, sex life or sexual orientation
  • Genetic or biometric data

What do we do with the information we hold about you?

If you have registered with us via our website to receive our newsletter, we will from time to time inform you about the activities of the charity and notify you of our events. These emails always include a button allowing you to unsubscribe.
If you are a staff member, volunteer or a trustee, your data may be shared with our payroll service or used for legal compliance with bodies such as the HMRC, Charities Commission or our funders.

If you are a project participant aged 13 or over and working towards a UK Youth Achievement and/or Arts Award then we will share with UK Youth and/or Trinity College such information as is needed for you to achieve your award/s. If you have completed questionnaires for us that are part of our monitoring and evaluating of the project, then that data will normally be shared with the project funder in anonymised form.

Your Rights

You are free to see the information we hold about you at any time and to have it removed or altered if you believe it to be incorrect. A charge maybe applicable in certain circumstances, if so we will notify you of the charging basis in advance.
If we have a data breach, you will be informed as soon as possible.
You may complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if we:

  • fail to respond to your request for disclosurE
  • refuse your request
  • fail to send you all of the information you asked for
  • fail to comply with the 40-day time limit for disclosure

Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for the operation of third party websites.
Further information about the lawful basis for processing data can be found on the ICO website at www.ico.org.uk