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PMH Photo Challenge#1 – Light/Shadow

Welcome to the Project Motorhouse Photo Challenge!

Are you under 18 and living in Thanet? Then you are eligible for the Project MotorHouse Photo Challenges where you could win up to £50 for 1st place, or £25 each for two runners up!This month’s challenge is LIGHT & SHADOW. Follow us on Instagram at @pmhramsgate, and tag your photos with #pmhphotochallenge1 to enter (only 2 entries allowed per challenge). The deadline for the competition is midnight on Friday Nov 27th. Photos taken with any type of camera or phone are allowed. We’ll be judging your photos on criteria such as relevance to the theme, creativity, composition, lighting, and so on. (This is a challenge to practice your photography, not your Photoshop skills or crazy filters, so please no excessive post-production).

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

TIP #1

Shoot on sunny days, especially in the hours after sunrise or before sunset, where you have the best potential for interesting shadows and ‘golden-hour’ light.
© Tim Topple

TIP #2

Or try shooting after dark – you don’t need sunlight to create the perfect light/shadow photo! Night shots can be super atmospheric.
© Photo by Breno Assis on Unsplash

TIP #3

Explore your house at different times of day, looking at how the light changes. This could be rays of sunlight shining through cracks in doorways, or the shadows cast from lamps.
© Tim Topple

TIP #4

Notice how light is refracted through water or glass, creating unusual patterns.
© Tim Topple

TIP #5

Look for simple, clear shapes and lines in your compositions.
© Tim Topple

Most of all, have fun and experiment

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