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PMH Photo Challenge#5 – Trees

Welcome to the Project Motorhouse Photo Challenge!

Are you 18 or under and living in Thanet? Then you are eligible for the Project MotorHouse Photo Challenges where you could win up to £50 for 1st place, or £25 each for two runners up! May’s challenge is TREES. Follow us on Instagram at @pmhramsgate, and tag your photos with #pmhphotochallenge5 to enter. The deadline for the competition is midnight on Monday May 31st.. Photos taken with any type of camera or phone are allowed. We’ll be judging your photos on criteria such as relevance to the theme, creativity, composition, lighting, and so on. (This is a challenge to practice your photography, not your Photoshop skills or crazy filters, so please no excessive post-production). 

Trees: You can find trees everywhere, and they are a classic photographic subject for many reasons. Consider the different ways you could photograph trees – for example up close, isolated on a landscape, from below or in silhouette – and have fun trying some of them out! 

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

TIP #1

VISIT THE SAME TREE AT DIFFERENT TIMES OF DAY – Trees make a great subject as they stay still and you can revisit them at different times of day to see when they look best for your photographs. If you have found a favourite tree, see how different it looks when the sun is low, or on a windy or foggy day for example. 

Photo taken by Lola during a Project Motorhouse Workshop 

TIP #2

LONELY TREES – Trees on their own make great subjects and are a good starting point to try out different compositions. The ‘lonely tree’ photograph works well with almost any kind of tree

Photo Credit https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-treeduring-sunset-9198


TIP #3

SPRING BLOSSOMS – Blossoming trees are a great way to add colour to your photos, and can also give you new ways to get creative. Perhaps a pink blossom will look great against a rich blue sky, or fallen petals together with the shadow of the tree on the ground will make an interesting abstract photograph

Photo Credit https://www.pexels.com/ photo/pink-petaled-flowers-blooming-duringdaytime-96654/ 


TIP #4

SILHOUETTES. Trees can make for great silhouettes. If you position yourself so the tree is between the sun and your phone or camera, you should get a silhouette relatively easily. 

Photo Credit https://www.pexels.com/photo/ monochrome-photography-of-bare-tree- 962317/ 


TIP #5

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS. Instead of photographing entire trees, try some close-ups! Trees offer lots of potential for interesting details – bark, branches, leaves and exposed roots can all help create cool detail photos. 

Photo taken by Melody during a Project Motorhouse Workshop 



Most of all, have fun and experiment