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PMH Photo Challenge#4 – Movement

Welcome to the Project Motorhouse Photo Challenge!

Are you 18 or under and living in Thanet? Then you are eligible for the Project MotorHouse Photo Challenges where you could win up to £50 for 1st place, or £25 each for two runners up! March’s challenge is MOVEMENT. Follow us on Instagram at @pmhramsgate, and tag your photos with #pmhphotochallenge4 to enter. The deadline for the competition is midnight on Wed March 31st. Photos taken with any type of camera or phone are allowed. We’ll be judging your photos on criteria such as relevance to the theme, creativity, composition, lighting, and so on. (This is a challenge to practice your photography, not your Photoshop skills or crazy filters, so please no excessive post-production). 

Movement: Movement can be hard to capture, but there are a few techniques you can try. You could move your camera with your subject as you take the shot to blur the background and show the direction of movement. Or, you might want to blur the moving subject by using a slow shutter speed, but have the background sharp as a way of showing movement. Experiment with different techniques to create an image that gives a sense of movement. 

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

TIP #1

‘Pan’ your camera with the subject – If you follow the subject with your camera or phone (by standing still, but turning to keep the subject – such as a bike or person running – in the frame), then press the shutter while you’re panning, you should get a sharp subject and a blurred background. This kind of blur is called ‘motion blur’. If you’re using a camera, try setting the shutter speed to around 1/40, but you can experiment with different speeds and movements to see what happens, depending on your subject. 

Photo credit Vlad Fonsark

TIP #2

BLURRED SUBJECT – By using a slow shutter speed and keeping the camera still (rest it on something or use a tripod) you can blur the subject, such as waves or traffic, to show movement. If using a phone, see if it has a ‘light painting’ setting, or similar, which will set a slow shutter speed for you! 

Photo credit HERE

TIP #3

EXPERIMENT WITH LIGHT PAINTING. In a dark room, use a slow shutter speed (about 3 – 5 seconds), or use the ‘light painting’ mode on your phone to capture light trails. You could wave a torch around creating patterns, or spell out a word. Let you imagination run wild! 

Photo credit Akwice

TIP #4

SUSPENDED MOVEMENT. Some motion is best captured with a FAST shutter speed, or flash, to freeze the motion and create a sharp photograph that shows the moving subject ‘frozen’ in motion. Get your subjects running, jumping, shaking or falling, and try to ‘freeze’ them mid-motion. 

Photo credit Feli Packer

Here are some links with more advice to help you get started:

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Most of all, have fun and experiment