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Our Vision is to take the West Cliff Hall from this……to this
motorhouse1PMH - External Terrace View_Revision A - Copy







You’ve probably seen the posts on Facebook and the articles in the local papers about Thanet District Council putting the West Cliff Hall on the asset disposal list without any money towards the frame or any provisos about community benefit. This is not what our meetings with TDC led us to expect and we fear the council is kicking the problem into the long grass.

No one, Project MotorHouse included, is going to take on that building unless the council stumps up for the frame because it supports the main road to the harbour and the first 40 metres of the West Cliff Promenade.

In 2015, TDC’s independent assessor told them the site had a negative value and Project MotorHouse was the best value for the community. The MotorHouse development could be great for Ramsgate.

Come on TDC. Let’s find a way to do it.

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