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InstaGated Workshops and Exhibition

At the beginning of the pandemic, we had three photography workshop projects running. Our sponsors, Kent Community Foundation, the Pack Family Endowment Foundation, Lawson Endowment for Kent and Ramsgate Town Council kindly allowed us to change to online provision and create the Photochallenges on Instagram. During the lockdowns and various uncertainties of the pandemic, it has enabled us to keep young people engaged and teach some basic photographic skills via tips both on Instagram and on our website.

In turn, the Photochallenges created demand for more of our workshops and whenever Covid restrictions allowed we reverted to running workshops. The Garfield Weston Foundation generously match funded and have allowed us to run a series of InstaGated Workshops culminating in an exhibition of the youths’ work at a gallery in Ramsgate’s Addington Street in February 2022. We have been using digital cameras and teaching skills such as the use of manual shutter speeds, ISO settings and apertures.  The teenage photographers have been learning wildlife photography, portraiture both outdoors and in, and experimenting with techniques such as bokeh and double exposure.

At the request of teachers from the Royal Harbour Academy, Chatham and Clarendon Grammar and Broadstairs College we have continued the Photochallenges.

What started as a short term solution to what we hoped was a temporary problem is now a regular feature of our work. Anyone aged 19 or under and living in Thanet, is eligible to enter. They continue to grow in popularity.

Our thanks to the following organisations for their support with this work.