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Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate – VLOG1

Our local Heritage

So our local heritage project has begun. 14 kids from a local comprehensive and 14 from a local Grammar school, met for the first time alongside a few of the mentors that will be helping to guide their progress at The Customs House in Ramsgate.

The kids heard about the history of the harbour from John Walker of The Ramsgate Society and were given an exciting introduction to photography and the cameras the kids will be using as part of the project from Mark McEvoy.

The worlds oldest vlogger

I am going to be doing a vlog (a video blog) to document the progress of the project and engage the kids and local residents with the importance of our local heritage. Bare with me I feel like I am the oldest vlogger out there (so say my kids) but as the song went “Things can Only Get Better”….damn that songs 24yrs old now, not doing myself any favours here.. probably need to find a more up to date song the kids might know.

Anyway enjoy the vlog, more to follow….


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