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Milestones Achieved To Date

griff rhys jones

Griff Rhys Jones Visits


Health and Safety compliant repairs to the gates, garden walls, walkways and fencing
Cleared garden and terrace with the help of the local community, Ellington and Hereson School and Mitie
Securing the Building from Break-Ins and Fires lit by rough sleepers
Decrease in Vandalism, Drug Use and other Anti-Social Behaviour on site
Appointment of Professional Project Management Company
Asbestos Survey
Asbestos Removal
As Built Survey
Substantial Propping of the Frame
Major Structural Survey including core drilling of the Promenade and assessment of the condition of the building’s frame
Closure of Section of Promenade because of safety concerns with the frame
Cost Benefit Analysis of alternative methods for resolving problems with the building’s frame
Drains Survey
Utilities Survey
Topographical Survey
Geotechnical Survey
Research on more than 50 architectural firms
Appointment of Guy Hollaway Architects via a competitive tender process
Submission of Pre-Planning Application
Liaison with Historic England (formerly English Heritage)

janet fielding

Signing Transfer Deed


Removal of DebriCharity Registration
Three years of negotiation with Thanet District Council to secure an option on the site
Signed Option and Transfer Deed with Thanet District Council


6 Weekly Board Meetings
Quarterly Financial Management Reports
Annual Audits
Staff Manual
Financial Procedures Manual
Other Policy Documents including: Health and Safety Policy Statement; Equal Opportunities;
Recruitment of Volunteers; Disclosures and Barring Checks; Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Barring Information; Employment of Ex-Offenders Policy,Confidentiality Policy; Travel Policy; Child Protection Policy; Child Protection Guidelines fr Trustees, Staff and Volunteers; Data Protection Policy in development
DBS Checks on 2 key staff


Recruitment and Appointment of a predominantly local BoardCreation of Logo and Brand ID
Analysis of Accounts of Similar Enterprises
Market research with Similar Businesses
Identification, Segmentation and Analysis of Market
Statistical research and Analysis of Demographic
Business Plan and Updates
Dissemination of more than 200 copies of the Business Plan to Councillors, Kent Ambassadors and Grant Making Bodies
Green Book Analysis of Business Case to ensure that the plans would constitute a value for money use of public funds

doctor who

Doctor Who Fundraisers


Public Consultation including Events
Partnership in Youth Development Programme with Ellington & Hereson School
Creation of Website, Facebook and Twitter presence
Press, Broadcast and Televised publicity
Lead Organisation, Central Harbour Community First Panel
Regular communication with local residents associations and community groups
Regular maintenance of gardens involving volunteers, businesses and students
Close liaison with Thanet District Council


Gift Aid registration
Virgin Giving registration
Fund raising events with Local Community and Ellington & Hereson School
Raised funds of £268,000