• Engaging with the

  • Improving the skills
    of young people.

  • Widening horizons
    for local youths.

  • Having fun.


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What is Project Motorhouse?

At Project MotorHouse, we believe it takes a range of abilities and capabilities to build a strong community. We produce youth projects which are designed to help local youths explore their potential by widening their horizons, broadening their skill base, demystifying success, fostering their creativity and helping them engage with their local community; all of which improves employability. The charity grew out of a community initiative to save a derelict site on Ramsgate seafront which was owned by Thanet District Council. The youth work side of the project evolved from local school students and residents gardening together at the derelict site. The building has now been sold to developers but the youth work continues.


Developing the skills of young people and widening their horizons


Helping young people to contribute to their community


Ensuring young people appreciate their environment


As part of the successful Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate project, the students researched and discussed the many opportunities in education and training within the Heritage sector. The following link gives a list of just some of these opportunities in the UK. For more information follow >> Heritage Training

What's Happening at The MotorHouse

Latest News

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Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate


Project MotorHouse presents “Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate” a National Lottery Heritage Fund project featuring work by students at Royal Harbour Academy and Chatham & Clarendon Grammar.

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Portraits of Ramsgate

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We took some young photographers out around the town to capture images of how they see their community. The results were inspirational and were displayed in a local gallery.

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The SEAS Story

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Projection SEAS, our Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots project, with students from the Royal Harbour Academy and the South East Archive of Seaside Photography has been a huge success.


A better future for young people in Ramsgate


To empower and enable young people to realise their potential


We believe that exposure to and participation in a range of quality cultural activities improves life and improves one’s chances in life.


We believe in creating high quality work which is a source of pride for all our stakeholders.


We value collaboration with other organisations and individuals because it allows us to produce better quality outputs and enhances social cohesion in our community.


We treat others with consideration and civility and value the contributions they make to our community therefore, we strive to be active listeners and reflective practitioners.

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    Fighting for a better Ramsgate…

    “Bravo to all the young people of Thanet who have given their time, energy and expertise to try to help raise the prospects of all young people in the area. Their enthusiasm is much appreciated by Project Motorhouse which continues to fight for a better Ramsgate, its youth programme.”

    BRENDA BLETHYN, Multiple Award Winner

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    Those amazing people…

    ”I think it is really important that we provide avenues for young people to learn more about the world. I think sometimes for young people it’s hard to actually get experience of the world to actually begin to understand what is expected of them and to understand what the possibilities are and what can be achieved.”

    PETER CAPALDI, Academy Award Winner

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    Builds confidence and inspires…

    “PMH projects continue to successfully create an environment that builds confidence and inspires the young people involved but also manages to entertain and impress the community with fantastic, thought provoking exhibitions, videos and installations.”

    Rebekah Smith, Ramsgate Town Council

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